Discover Wimber Volume 2
Discover Wimber Volume 2


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Thousands of people worldwide have been impacted by the revolutionary teaching of John Wimber, deepening faith and developing leadership. Many pastors wish they could easily get their leaders listening to Wimber – his core teaching and voice of wisdom – in a way that is QUICK and ACCESSIBLE.

We responded with Discover Wimber Vol 1 and had a overwhelming response. Now, we present Discover Wimber Volume 2!

Continue to expose ALL the leaders in your church to Wimber’s core audio teaching with the new DISCOVER WIMBER VOL 2 USB drive. You can easily pass around it to your staff/leaders and give them instant access to amazing teaching on their smart phone! It’s convenient and compatible with any listening device.

The DISCOVER WIMBER USB SERIES is a perfect tool for having the founder of the Vineyard movement teach new/existing leaders in an easy, convenient way.


  1. PASS around the USB during a staff meeting or gathering.
  2. Have each person DRAG the folders into iTunes (MP3 files), and apply the cover art.
  3. Each leader then SYNCS their phone – and starts listening that day!


  1. Spiritual Gifts (10+ hrs.)
    The Evangelical Church for years has recognized the priesthood of all believers. We have seen the necessity for each member of the Body to be equipped and to function in his area of talent and gifting. Wimber brings fresh theological approach to the gifts and their function in the body.
  2. The Cost of Commitment (1+ hrs.)
    Recorded in a live conference setting, Wimber shares the true cost of following Christ, as illustrated by the parable of the Pearl of Great Price. Filmed in Harrogate, England in the 1980's, The Cost Of Commitment will challenge and inspire you to live radically for Christ.
  3. Spiritual Warfare (14+ hrs.)
    In this powerful series, Wimber deals with contemporary case studies of deliverance as well as a theology of deliverance in the Old and New Testaments. The question "Why Am I Doing This Seminar?" is answered by giving five contemporary examples of the deliverance of individuals.
  4. Recognizing & Developing Leaders (11+ hrs.)
    John Wimber and Bill Pfeifer teach that the ability to identify, train and release leaders is indispensable to a leader's effectiveness and ongoing growth of kingdom ministry. This biblical and practical seminar for pastors and lay leaders will help you augment the ministry of the Lord Jesus through your life and work.
  5. The Best Of Wimber (4+ hrs.)
    Five sessions celebrating some of the strongest, in demand Wimber material. Selected teachings from Signs and Wonders, Power Evangelism, Spiritual Gifts, Healing and the Kingdom of God. A great way to allow your leaders to “taste” the style and strength of John Wimber.
  6. The Cross (11+ hours)
    This series examines the redemptive work of the cross, the turning point in history and focus of our relationship with Christ and offers a fresh look at the person of Christ and what His life, death and resurrection really mean in the light of God's power for us today.

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