We Are Ready
We Are Ready
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Vineyard Soul is a multi–ethnic community of worshippers seeking to broaden the sound and expression of Vineyard Worship. The culmination of these efforts is WE ARE READY, a 13–song album featuring voices of color representing 20 Vineyard churches.

Bursting with rhythmic grooves and vocal arrangements, the album captures the heartbeat and sounds of the growing number of multiethnic churches in the Vineyard movement. Featuring R&B tunes (Who Can Compare, You Have Set Me Free), worship anthems (Yahweh), and artfully reimagined classics (One Thing Remains, More Love More Power, and Good Good Father), WE ARE READY embodies the soulful sound emerging from the heart of the Vineyard. The title track, sung by Dee Wilson, is the cry of a culture declaring with open arms that it will enter worship with its full attention and affection on God, singing “We’re ready | We are ready | We are waiting here for you.“

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