God You Are
God You Are
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GOD YOU ARE was recorded LIVE at the Equip conference at the Anaheim Vineyard in Southern California. Fresh interpretations of modern Vineyard hits such as Furious, Pour It Out, and No Longer Strangers abound, as well as BRAND NEW songs Have Your Way and the title track God You Are, an anthem of praise to our God resounding with the lyrical truth that Forgiveness comes | Compassion falls | Your boundless love | Unstoppable | God, You are…!

Showcasing the intimacy and powerful energy of the worship sets that punctuated this passionate gathering, worship leader Tim Brown (Grand Junction, CO) joins a cast of local musicians and worship leaders, including Casey Corum (Anaheim, CA) and newcomers Lorraine Steriopol and Amanda Bouman (Fullerton, CA), embarking on a new and exciting expression of the heartbeat of Vineyard Worship in the West!

Worship Leaders
Tim Brown (Canyon View Vineyard, Grand Junction, CO), Lorraine Steriopol (Vineyard Fullerton, Fullerton, CA), Casey Corum (Vineyard Anaheim, Anaheim, CA), Amanda Bouman (Fullerton Vineyard, Fullerton, CA)

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