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10 Pillars of Leadership


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"When folks... especially young leaders have asked me 'What are the things that have really helped you along the way... with the nitty gritty (of ministry)... in the trenches?' I find I don't have to look at what others are saying about leadership. We can just look through our own lives (in ministry) and see certain principles that have become "pillars"...lasting...able to endure the pressure and still remain true. That's what these videos are all about."
– Phil Strout, Vineyard USA, National Director

In 30+ years of ministry, Vineyard USA National Director, Phil Strout has learned a few things. The 10 Pillars of Leadership (DVD) includes 10 key principles of leadership and teamwork that have emerged as lasting and relevant in Phil's ministry. These strong pillars have become buzz phrases among Phil's family, ministry teams, and the churches in which he served. Each 8 to 12 minute video features Phil unpacking one pillar using personal stories and solid content to communicate the power of that pillar.

Use this set for: Church staff, leader & volunteer training, small groups, sermon content and personal growth.

DVD includes a 15 minute Spanish bonus video.

The 10 Pillars:

  • Whatever it takes
  • This is the most important ______
  • It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets credit
  • The Golden Rule
  • Soul Care
  • Fruitful Longevity
  • If it’s worth anything, it’s worth everything
  • For the Greater Glory of God and the well-being of people
  • Ministry is overflow, not overwork
  • The Cup of the Lord

Run Time: 1 Hour & 45 Min.

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