God Loves KIDS (Welcome CD) (pkg/25)
God Loves KIDS (Welcome CD) (pkg/25)
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Everyone can worship! Everyone can learn to worship God with their whole being.

As parents, teachers and worshippers, we can all TEACH and MODEL how to worship God. Use this new CD from Vineyard Worship to facilitate an exciting time of worship for Kids!

Includes all the "practice songs" from the new 5 Steps To Worshipping God...for Kids booklet, created by Vineyard USA.

Each CD includes this warm greeting on the back cover:
"God loves it when people of all ages have fun singing and worshipping Him together. He really loves when kids are the ones singing and having fun. In fact, God is really glad you are here… and so are we! Thanks so much for coming. We hope you take these songs, turn them up, and remember how special you are to God and how good He is to us!"

Sold in packages of 25

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