Experiencing The Holy Spirit - Children's Curriculum
Experiencing The Holy Spirit - Children's Curriculum
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Imagine a children’s church where the kids preach, lead worship, lay hands on the sick, and hear God speak. This curriculum was designed for kids to learn to lead their own church services. We believe that kids can encounter Jesus and do the things that He said they can do. This curriculum seeks to create an atmosphere that encourages kids to lead other kids into encountering Jesus.

Experiencing the Holy Spirit is a 6-month lesson plan that leads 1st thru 5th graders through the book of Acts. It explores themes of Holy Spirit baptism, persecution, and healing. Best of all, kids will leave class each week having experienced the Holy Spirit, the one who empowers believers to do the work of the Kingdom.

Sample Lesson

You are purchasing the DIGITAL License and access to DIGITAL files. You will be able to download every file necessary to run the curriculum in your classroom. Once you purchase the download, you will receive a link to access all of the resources. If you have any trouble, please contact us at orders@vineyardresources.com.

Monthly Themes

  • Month #1 – The Holy Spirit Comforts
  • Month #2 – The Holy Spirit Empowers
  • Month #3 – The Holy Spirit Convicts
  • Month #4 – The Holy Spirit Guides
  • Month #5 – The Holy Spirit Exalts Jesus
  • Month #6 – The Holy Spirit Enables

Curriculum Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Note to Directors
  • Note to Teachers
  • Lesson Plans
  • List of Games

Lessons Include

  • A teacher’s planning page
  • Icebreaker Games
  • Kid Speaker
  • Teaching with visual aids
  • Ministry Time
  • Small Group Activities
  • Bible Memory Verse
  • Weekly Challenge
  • A Dear Parents take home letter
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