Luke & Acts
Luke & Acts
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A DVD Bible Study Designed for Vineyard Churches

For Small Groups and Students of the Bible (at every level)

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What does it mean to learn the Bible through the lens of Kingdom theology?

Find answers in this powerful 7-week study (introduction + 6 lessons) of the books of LUKE and ACTS. Journey though the Scriptures with seasoned Vineyard theologian, Derek Morphew, Ph.D. as you go deep into scholarly ideas that reveal the Kingdom coming in Luke, the empowering of the Spirit in Acts, and the response of wonder that always accompanies the saving work of God.

VINEYARD INSTITUTE powers this rich study, and you're sure to learn AND grow. Produced specifically for Vineyard churches in a groundbreaking collaboration between Vineyard Resources and Vineyard Institute – this DVD is for small groups and students of the Bible at every level.


  • Introducing Luke & Acts (19:38)
  • The Kingdom Comes (09:04)
  • The Holy Spirit Empowers (10:57)
  • Jesus Saves (10:16)
  • The Excluded Are Included (13:28)
  • The Word Spreads (08:44)
  • Power & Wonder (10:32)

Total Run Time: 83:32

DVD Includes:

  • 7 Sessions for a 7-week study (intro + 6 lessons)
  • Visually engaging video with note slides
  • Quality teaching from a Vineyard Institute educator
  • Discussion questions for each session
  • A Free Digital Study Guide Download


  • Easy to use, DVD format
  • Chapter headings for easy group use
  • Learn the Bible through a Kingdom lens
  • A complete Study with the Digital Study Guide

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