Doing Healing
Doing Healing
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  • Includes 6 DVDs
  • Filmed live with Alexander Venter
  • Created by Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI)

Trillions of dollars are spent annually in the health industry, in our daily battle with sickness. In Doing Healing Alexander Venter gives us an awesome vision of God's healing power by sharing his story of brokenness and healing, and addressing incisively and provocatively the questions of:

  • how we understand sickness and healing
  • how our view of reality affects this understanding
  • what the Bible says about it
  • how Jesus healed people
  • how he authorized and empowered the church to heal

He then gives a practical "how to", both to receive healing and to minister healing as a follower of Jesus, in the six basic dimensions of human sickness: spiritual, psycho-emotional, demonic, physical, relational, and death and dying.

In short, Doing Healing is a seminar based on the framework of Kingdom theology and develops a thorough yet practical model for the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

About the Author:
Alexander Venter was John Wimber's research assistant when the original healing booklets: Healing 1, 2, 3 and 4 were developed. He was the ghost author, while John was the public author. Venter is a Vineyard pastor in South Africa. He is the author of three companion books, Doing Church, Doing Reconciliation and Doing Healing. Venter also oversees a number of Vineyard churches in his region; and is on the national leadership of the Association of Vineyard Churches in South Africa.

Alexander Venter

Session Lengths:
DVD One (51:04 Minutes): Understanding Sickness & Healing
DVD Two (44:39): The Biblical Basis For Divine Healing
DVD Three (52:42): Receiving & Ministering The Kingdom
DVD Four (42:49): Transfer of Healing Ministry To The Church
DVD Five (51:04): "Ordinary Believer" Five Step Model Of Ministry
DVD Six (1:15:29): Spirit Intimacy & Gifts In Healing Ministry

Doing Healing is part of the Vineyard Bible Institute's School of Ministry. These DVDs may be utilized in a small group setting.

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