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Jesus Christ is the focus of all Scripture and is central in the Word of God (old Testament & New Testament). The person of Jesus, His message and ministry are linked to the kingdom of God. Jesus came to announce the arrival of the kingdom. his parables described the kingdom. his miracles were a witness to the kingdom. the kingdom, as preached by Jesus, links the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

This course unpacks the basic theology of the promised Kingdom of God as revealed in the Old Testament and the fulfillment of the promised Kingdom through Christ in the New Testament. It provides the student with an in–depth study of the biblical basis for understanding the Kingdom of God, Jesus' most emphasized subject, thereby allowing the student to establish a sound foundation for their broader theological stance.

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  • Session 1: Old Testament Background
  • Session 2: Old Testament Build Up to the Coming Kingdom & New Testament Coming of the Kingdom in Jesus
  • Session 3: Implications of Breakthrough
  • Session 4: Sons of the Kingdom
  • Session 5: What Unleashes the Arrival of the Kingdom?

Session Lengths:

  • One: 36:53
  • Two: 45:54
  • Three: 46:27
  • Four: 48:23
  • Five: 45:39

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