God's Relentless Pursuit
God's Relentless Pursuit
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by Phil Strout


Jesus tells us that the Father is always at work. To be the kind of people who radically change the world in which we live, we must attune ourselves to what God is doing and participate with Him.

In God's Relentless Pursuit, Phil Strout takes an in-depth look at the mission of God and the role that His people play in it. Readers embark on a journey where Phil explains how to recognize God at work and participate in what He is doing. Through exciting narratives and solid biblical examples, Phil reveals how passionate God is toward winning back the hearts and souls of men and women.

If you are ready to experience life the way God intended it, God's Relentless Pursuit will start you on your journey.

I would encourage any serious leader to grab it, read it, take notes throughout, and pass it on
– Doug Murren, pastor and author

Thirsty pilgrims will be refreshed and challenged as they drink from this passionate expose of the heart of God.
– Berten Waggoner, former national director, Association of Vineyard Churches

With refreshing confidence, Phil Strout describes missional living as simply discerning what God is doing and joyfully joining Him.
– Dr. Bob Frederich, pastor and director of mentoring for Vision New England

Number of Pages: 189

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