Everyone Gets To Play
Everyone Gets To Play
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John Wimber wasn't interested in religion...he was interested in a relationship with Jesus and discovering how that impacted the way he lived his life and the people with whom he shared his life.

He viewed community as a great opportunity to put into practice the teachings of Jesus and felt following Jesus wasn't a spectator sport.

In "Everyone Gets to Play", Wimber's writings and teachings on life together in Christ drives home the importance of one of his favorite sayings and shares some of his ideas on what that can look like. From taking risks to prayer to leading others, Wimber's skillfully penned words from his writings and teachings still resonate powerfully today. John Wimber was an evangelist, worship leader, songwriter, pastor, and leader of the Vineyard Movement. He died in 1997 but his teachings and insights continue to have repercussions on the church today.

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