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The Vineyard DNA
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In science, the DNA of any organism contains the road map of identity, characteristics, and unique markers of that organism. The genetic code found in DNA determines the genetic expression of any living being.

This handbook, The Vineyard DNA, is a non-exhaustive compilation of theological commitments, distinctive concepts, core values, and family practices intended to help readers and leaders "de-code" the identity of the Vineyard movement.

In these pages is an overview of the Vineyard origin story, the value of Kingdom of God and its mission to our praxis, the central practices of worship and being led by the Holy Spirit, and the empowerment of everyone participating in the work of the gospel on earth today and much more. Learn why and how the Vineyard movement is committed to evangelism, discipleship, multiplication, justice and diversity in all areas of life.

This handbook is intended as an story of the Vineyard family told by the family itself that will hopefully be used to help others, inside and outside of the Vineyard, understand our identity.

The Vineyard Movement, since birth, has valued seeing individual Christians experience God in their daily lives. Through practices such as worship, fellowship, mission, reading and application of scripture, soulcare, healing of the broken, cultural influence, the compassionate ministry of the Holy Spirit, and loving our neighbors, the Vineyard community of churches seeks to be intentional about nurturing the lives of those whole call us their family.

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