Putting Jesus On Display
Putting Jesus On Display
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The Holy Spirit has empowered every believer not only to proclaim but also to demonstrate the reality of the good news of the gospel by living a lifestyle of signs and wonders that puts Jesus on display. As we look for the Holy Spirit's activity happening around us, listen for His voice, and respond in obedience, we enable others to encounter the love and power of Jesus through us. We don't bring ministry, Pastor Brian Blount says; we simply step into it. But there is still risk involved: We have to step out of the boat and walk on the water of uncertainty for the sake of the kingdom. How can we overcome the fear of failure and rejection?

Offering practical insights and tools through true personal stories, Brian helps believers stand on a firm biblical foundation in order to engage in the ministry of Jesus every day.

Live boldly as you participate in the lively lifestyle of everyday evangelism! In this empowering, life-changing book, pastor and author Putty Putman reveals a Kingdom with such compelling purpose that you will long to reorient your walk of faith around it.

Here is your invitation into significance, adventure and wonder far beyond what you have dared to dream.

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