Hello, Holy Spirit:<br>God's Gift Of Live In Help
Hello, Holy Spirit:
God's Gift Of Live In Help
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By Dianne Leman

Fear? Skepticism? Ignorance? Disdain? Yes, all of these have been prevalent attitudes towards the Holy Spirit throughout history, and many people have missed out on experiencing the secret, hidden for ages: Christ in you!

Our Trinitarian God offers us the gift of “live-in” help—the Helper—who makes this union with God a vibrant reality. We are the “house” of God—sent to change the world in Jesus’s Name. God's life, His Spirit, can flow through us. Learn how to receive this incredible gift of God Himself and experience His tangible power in every aspect of life—delighting in a “naturally supernatural” life with God the Holy Spirit living inside. See how eager the Holy Spirit is to dismantle the dualism that robs us of joyful living. He helps in direct and indirect ways—whether reading a novel or studying the Bible; playing baseball or praying for the sick; projecting profits or prophesying to a stranger; raising our children or raising the dead. The Helper is ready to help—with all of life. The Holy Spirit never leaves us. He does not bolt when things get bad. He is not the Divine Detective of sin, but the Bold Deliverer of freedom from sin (thanks to Jesus’s mighty work!). He empowers us with His gifts to do the same and greater works—in union with Jesus. He is God’s Gift of Live-in Help. Welcome, Holy Spirit!

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