Barefoot Revolution
Barefoot Revolution
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Through the wisdom of a life lived in God's love and service, Paul Marshall reassures you that you can find life–giving intimacy with God again. Barefoot Revolution will lead you on a transforming journey into God’s loving and powerful presence one step at a time – challenging you to take stock of where your spiritual life lies now and setting you on a course based on biblical truths into a deeper knowledge of God's love and purpose for you.

This book is about a living, serious, disciplined relationship with God. If you are hungry for something deeper and are willing to be challenged, this is for you.
– Derek Morphew, Academic Dean of the Vineyard Institute and author of Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom

Barefoot Revolution is a very balanced look at the reality that a focused Christian life simply doesn’t “just happen.” This book would be a real blessing to anyone who wants to get serious about following Jesus, and who is hungry for more.
–Thora Anderson, Associate Pastor, Vineyard North Phoenix

In Barefoot Revolution, Paul encourages us to walk through life “barefoot”—available and ready for God—resulting in a life marked by both spiritual power and radical love. Exposing the counterfeits, Paul shows how to live a genuine life with God by finding a rhythm rather than merely following the rules. An inspiring and helpful book.
– Mark Fields, Director of Global and Intercultural Ministry for Vineyard USA

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