The Vineyard Discipleship Guides<br>Volume 3
The Vineyard Discipleship Guides
Volume 3
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Grow and Change: Experiencing change in your attitudes and behaviors as a result of your relationship with God and others

  • Pursuing God's transformation in your life and increasingly bearing the fruit of the Spirit
  • Cooperating with God's healing work in your life
  • Receiving prayer and processing input from others
  • Living out new priorities and changed behavior
  • Participating fully in a local Kingdom community

Relate in Healthy Ways: Engaging with other people in ways that reflect the heart of God toward them

  • Showing respect for and acceptance of others
  • Forgiving others and asking forgiveness
  • Sharing biblical wisdom appropriately to encourage others
  • Confronting others with humility as necessary
  • Praying with and for others
  • Embracing diversity in our relationships and Kingdom community

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