Kingdom Living
Kingdom Living
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Growing in the character of Christ.

Citizens of the kingdom of God resemble each other they look a lot like Jesus Christ.
John Wimber points out that being a disciple means more that just making a decision in favor of Jesus; it involves a radical change of mind and heart, a conversion from the world to the kingdom of God. In Kingdom Living he offers practical counsel to help you take on the character of Christ in your own life.

About The Author
John Wimber a man God called to a much larger task: to lead the church into dynamic renewal. He learned and taught us to touch God in worship, to move in power of the Holy Spirit, and to see God's Kingdom break out everywhere. Before his death in 1997, this ordinary man of faith had been raised up as an international speaker, a best-selling author, and pastor and founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship movement worldwide.

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