Kingdom Of God
Kingdom Of God
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by John Wimber

In legendary simplicity and style, John Wimber presents a historic series on the Kingdom Of God. Recorded on video for TBN in 1985, this 25 year old presentation is timeless in power and impact.

Kingdom Of God includes 13, 30 minute segments and is packaged in a 4 disc DVD set. Here is a disc by disc outline of what you can expect and won't want to miss of Wimber's teaching on the Kingdom of God.

Disc 1:

  • Meaning of the Kingdom of God
  • Understanding the War
  • Power Evangelism
  • What Does Power and Authority Mean?

Disc 2:

  • Jesus' Parables Teach Us the Kingdom
  • The Works of Jesus Over Demons
  • The Works of Jesus Over Disease
  • The Works of Jesus Over Nature

Disc 3:

  • The Works of Jesus Over Death
  • Paul's teaching on the Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom & The Church
  • When will the Kingdom be Fulfilled?

Disc 4:

Application of the Kingdom

This set can be used in small groups, bible studies and much more as a 13 week series that effectively illustrates Kingdom of God theology for both the "learner" and the "learned". There is something for everyone in John Wimber's priceless teaching – The Kingdom of God. Includes 4 DVDs & Syllabus

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