Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual Warfare
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Includes 4 DVDs and a bonus PDF syllabus.

Filmed live in a sunny, outdoor setting in the late 1980's, the Spiritual Warfare: Demonization DVD Set includes 13 biblically based sessions on the topic of demonic activity and demonization. Created and presented by John Wimber, Spiritual Warfare is a thorough video presentation on the important topic of "war in the heavenlies". In his engaging "Wimber way", John shares how demonic activity is described and defined in Scripture along with balanced stories of practical application in current times. Such an effective presentation on an often controversial subject.

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DVD's Include 13 Sessions:

Session One

Kingdoms At War

  • a war is on
  • the decisive battle has been won
  • the battle rages on

Session Two

The Enemies Of God: Satan

  • who is Satan and where did he come from?
  • 5 things you need to know about Satan

Session Three

The Enemies Of God: Demons

  • what are demons and where do they come from?
  • what are demons like and what do they do?
  • the demon's demise

Session Four

The Process Of Demonization: Part 1

  • the New Testament language
  • degrees of demonization

Session Five

The Process Of Demonization: Part 2

  • five common ways that people seem to get demons
  • the mechanics of being demonized

Session Six

The Process Of Demonization: Part 3

  • the enemy's strategies
  • the enemy's objectives

Session Seven

Can a Christian Be Demonized?

  • the problem of language
  • case studies: Old Testament - Saul
  • case studies: New Testament

Session Eight

Our Protection

  • the basic guidelines for protection
  • our tools of protection

Session Nine

The Importance Of Discernment

  • discernment
  • symptoms or manifestations of demonic influence

Session Ten

Deliverance Ministry: Some Guidelines Part 1

  • what do demons live on?
  • destroying the demon's work
  • key exchanges between Jesus and the gerasene demoniac

Session Eleven

Deliverance Ministry: Some Guidelines Part 2

  • a model for deliverance prayer
  • common questions

Session Twelve

Deliverance Ministry: Some Guidelines Part 3

  • preparation for ministry
  • a team approach
  • demon's tactics

Session Thirteen

Follow-up Ministry

  • from darkness to light
  • walking in the light

PDF Syllabus Includes:

  • 13 Sections
  • 34 Pages

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