New Kids Curriculum

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New Kids Curriculum

Imagine a children’s church where the kids preach, lead worship, lay hands on the sick, and hear God speak. This curriculum was designed for kids to learn to lead their own church services.

With 2 themes this curriculum is a complete 12 months of lessons designed specifically for 1st – 5th Graders.

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Also, check out this nursery curriculum designed for children up to 2 years of age. For only $29 for a complete year of lessons - you can't lose!





Finding a relevant curriculum that expresses our Vineyard values is one of the most difficult parts of leading a Kids’ Ministry in a local church. LaBreeska Ingles has met the challenge with her curriculum! Not only is she introducing the kids to the words and works of Jesus, she is helping them learn how to follow Jesus in their everyday lives. What other curriculum has a clinic time to give the kids an opportunity to practice doing what was taught? It reminds me of the way John Wimber taught adults, only this is written on a kids’ level of understanding.

- Becky Olmstead, Kids Task Force Director, Vineyard USA
Encountering Jesus Kid's Church Curriculum is fun and very clear for kids AND volunteers! It's a creative way to teach kids about who Jesus is and what He does.

        - Mary-Margaret Leroy, Vineyard Church of Augusta

These lessons are taught not simply to give kids a historical understanding of what God has been up to, but they are stories taught to today's kids that speak into identity, position, and calling for their lives. The kids are invited to become leaders in the classroom.

- Selena Schwind, Vineyard Florence KY
LaBreeska Ingles' new curriculum is solid gold. We've been using all of it here at our church and have seen first-hand how it impacts our kids. It's not just a Bible lesson with Bible information. It is also application so that the kids are "doing the stuff" and not just hearing the stuff. I couldn't recommend it more.
          - Adam Russell, Vineyard Campbellsville, KY




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